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car insurance quotation Currently there are many insurance that is devoted to women. Approximately what insurance is suitable for women? This time, my finances will spell out some insurance that is suitable for women and the reason. Let's look together. Why Do Women Need Special Insurance? In this age of equality, women can work freely according to their will. Some are doctors, teachers, businessmen, and housewives. car insurance quotation Behind the profession, women also have to perform their duties as a wife and mother for their children. With his dense activities, a woman can certainly get the name of the disease.

car and auto insurance quotes In fact, a research proves that women are more susceptible to disease than men. That is why, women should be more aware of the importance of self-protection for personal and family benefits.

Car Insurance Quotation Know Now

Car Insurance Quotation Know Now
Car Insurance Quotation Know Now

Car and auto insurance quotes Every woman must have protection from diseases that can attack her so that she can return to perform noble duty both in work and life of her family. The protection women need is protection that can help them focus on the recovery process when they get sick. In addition, it is also necessary protection that can function like a financial aid.

Due to this need, more and more insurance companies are beginning to devise a special insurance program for women. car and auto insurance quotes The program is structured in such a way as to protect women from diseases that can be fatal. Health Risks to Women in Need of Insurance Protection Everyone, both men and women, will experience illness, but there are some life-threatening illnesses that cost very much.

Therefore, insurance coverage is required to keep your financial well maintained. Below are some of the diseases that often strike women and need protection from insurance car insurance quotation

# 1 Protection for Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is one of the most common diseases affecting women. Every year, 15,000 cases of cervical cancer occur in Indonesia and from 40 women diagnosed with cancer, 20 of them die of cervical cancer. To treat the disease requires a very high cost, therefore, required insurance protection. Of course, prevention is better than cure. One of the precautions you can take is to exercise regularly and perform regular checks on the health of the uterus.

# 2 Protection for Childbirth

car and auto insurance quotes There are some critical risks that can affect a woman who is giving birth. Some of these are hypertensive disorders (preeclampsia and eclampsia), bleeding and infection. This risk can cause critical illness to death for the mother. Budget Preparation Maternity 06 Normal Birth - My finances

Even the WHO (World Health Organization), states that by the end of 2015, there are 303 thousand women in the world who died at or before the delivery process. For that we need health insurance coverage to protect medical expenses and life insurance protection products to protect from the occurrence of fatal risks car insurance quotation

# 3 Protection for Cancer

Not only cervical cancer, cancer is also one of the deadly diseases that often affects women.

Many are linking the cause of cancer with lifestyle. Though the main cause of cancer is not fully known. Some of the early symptoms of cancer, are:

Lump in or underarm
Dairy nipple
Putting upside down
Skin texture wrinkled
Pain on
Changes in shape or nipple

car and auto insurance quotes For cancer treatment must be adapted to the type of cancer and stadium. Of course the cost of this treatment is not small, because maybe this cancer sufferers require chemotherapy and / or surgery. For that, having insurance can be very helpful.

Insurance Products Suitable for Women
Below are some of the women's insurance products offered by various insurance companies in Indonesia. To choose the right product, you must tailor the benefits to the needs and the costs required with your ability. Here are some examples of special insurance products for women:

# 1 Wellwoman

Wellwoman is an insurance product issued by ACA insurance company (Asuransi Central Asia). Wellwoman provides special protection for women who may be diagnosed with cancer in female organs with a maximum benefit of up to Rp100 million. The age range covered by Wellwoman is also quite extensive, ie from the age of 18 to 64 years. Some types of cancer that is guaranteed is cancer: For the premium price to be paid, quite diverse, ranging from Rp250 thousand to Rp2 million per year.

This amount is tailored to the needs and capabilities of the customer. Of course, there are some terms and conditions that must be considered, for example, if the cancer has been present before the client follows the program, then the disease can not be given compensation and other provisions.


This program provides special benefits for women who are diagnosed with critical illnesses such as cervical cancer, ovarian and / or. Not only provide protection through hospital financing, but the SMiLE LADIES program also comes with an investment system so customers also get additional benefits car insurance quotation

The program of the Sinar Mas insurance company has provisions that customers who can register must be in the age range of 17 to 60 years. Protection is provided for the insured until he reaches the age of 80 years. SMiLE LADIES has 3 types of packages, diamond, ruby, and pearl. Each of these packages has a difference in the type of protection and benefits gained. For pearl packages have the cheapest premium, while the diamond package has the highest premium cost. The older the age of the insured, then the required premium is increasing.

# 3 Srikandi Protection

Similar to Wellwoman and SMiLE LADIES, Srikandi Protection is one of the insurance programs that focus on protection for women.

Srikandi Protection is the insurance product of the insurance company output of Zurich Indonesia.Srikandi Protection protects women from critical illnesses such as cervical cancer, cancer or other diseases. Srikandi Protection provides protection up to Rp 1 billion covering medical benefits up to Rp500 million, medical expenses Rp3 million / month for 12 months, reimbursement of initial diagnostic cost up to Rp10 million, and various other benefits.

Tips on Choosing the Right Insurance for Women
Below are some tips that you can apply to choose the right insurance product.

# 1 Customize with Ability

If you are only able to buy insurance products that provide minimal benefits, do not push yourself to choose a higher insurance product car insurance quotation

The purpose of insurance is to provide you with financial protection. If because of your financial insurance even a mess, means the initial purpose of insurance is not achieved.

# 2 Choose Trusted Company

The history and credibility of the company are some of the factors you can consider when choosing an insurance product.

Do not select a company that is not guaranteed its credibility simply because the offered premium is low and benefits are received a lot.

# 3 Starting from Early

Insurance products should start early, not when they get old or when you are diagnosed with the disease.

The reason is the premium cost you need to pay will be lower if you start early.

Protecting to Protect
By purchasing a woman's special insurance product, you are loving yourself by providing protection to your personal health. No one wants a disaster or illness to come, but having insurance from an early age, you can reduce the financial burden in the future. Choose the insurance product that best suits your capabilities and needs and choose a trusted insurance car insurance quotation

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