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How to Claim Insurance Mechanism and Get a Replacement Car?

How to Claim Insurance Mechanism and Get a Replacement Car?

The process of car insurance claims can follow the procedures set by the insurer. Normally, you just call through the Insurance Call Center and complete the required files. Well, the question is how about a replacement car when your vehicle is serviced? Consider the following tips:

1. Save Policy on Car and Record Claim Number
You should always carry a copy of the insurance policy in the glove compartment. To facilitate the claim process at the time of filing a claim to the customer service of the insurance company, you will get a claim number or claim ticket. Make sure you get this number to ease the process and as proof you have made a car insurance claim.

2. Ask the Partner Workshop How Long Time Estimated workmanship
The partner workshop only takes a few moments to check your vehicle and calculate how long it takes. Do not forget to ask the estimated time so you can predict how long to use a replacement car so as not to exceed the time limit of the use of the replacement car. Consider also the situation and condition of the workshop partner whether many queues or can be done immediately. If crowded, then you need to be patient and ask when your car can be handled by mechanical workshop so you can follow to supervise the process of work so as not to delay.

3. Understand the procedures and terms of getting a replacement car
After you get the information from the partner workshop about the estimated time of repair work on the vehicle repair shop, then the next step you do confirmation to the insurance. The average insurance party only wants to give a replacement car if your vehicle must stay at the garage. Estimated duration of work from this partner workshop will be a requirement to get a replacement vehicle. Currently, insurance carriers often compete in this replacement car service because it becomes a very important value-added choice of customers to buy an insurance product. Do not forget, you also need to ask how much cost you have to spend for the cost of the workshop. Make a list of which spare parts or components are replaced and which parts are fixed for kelebgkapan make a report to the airline insurance.

The general procedure of insurance claims for obtaining a replacement car is as follows:

You must make sure that the claim number already exists. Do not enter the car when the claim number has not appeared because the claim number means the work order from the insurance has gone down means your claim process has been approved by the insurance carrier.

Usually insurance companies have a requirement to get a replacement car is a minimum of 2 days workmanship process in the workshop.

You have to make sure that the workshop can work immediately when your car goes into the workshop to get it done. Keep in mind usually insurance companies only a grace period of 5 calendar days to bring a replacement car. Outside of the replacement car life, you will be considered the rental car.

Is that the Claiming Process and Get a Replace Car?

In practice almost all insurance carriers are not able to meet the needs of replacement cars simultaneously. Usually they only prepare 1-2 vehicles for each type of car from their customers. The process of insurance claims and workshop work usually takes 3-5 days, while the number of claims could be every day there is an entry if the insurance company customers have a lot. This is what makes the replacement car must be queued. And even then do not expect the condition of the car replacement in accordance with what you expect. Remember the status of the replacement car itself is often also the rental made by the airline insurance to cover the operation of their claims so that considered and calculated as a cost by them and should be minimized.

Anticipate the Worst Possible
The easiest way to do is to adjust the time of entry into the garage along with a replacement car. Please note for workshop claims that are not in the emergency category, you can adjust this schedule. If an emergency such as a strike, broken glass etc, inevitably you have to enter your car to the garage immediately. This queue condition is absolute. You need to record your claim number so that the insurer can easily check the replacement stock of the car and adjust it to the car workshop entry schedule. That way the routine will still run normally while waiting for repair shop your car.

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