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Have you ever counted the life insurance military auto insurance coverage you need? This article has some sample case studies that you might connect to your own life. Let's learn together. Sum Insured Life Insurance

As you probably already know, life insurance money money that is widely known and called the abbreviation UP, is the amount of money to be paid by the insurer in case of risks in accordance with the criteria contained in the contract agreement or insurance policy. Life insurance coverage is clearly stated when you want to buy an insurance military auto insurance

military auto insurance In unit-linked policies where there are many benefits, from the main benefits to some additional benefits, the sum insured can vary. If you want to buy a life insurance policy, it will be much better if you calculate the sum insured life insurance first. The Importance of Calculating Life Insurance Sum Insured Why do we need to calculate life insurance money before buying it?

Calculating Military Auto Insurance Sum Insured

Calculating Military Auto Insurance Sum Insured
Calculating Military Auto Insurance Sum Insured
military auto insurance Maybe you also already know, that we know what we need and can plan our finances and insurance more effectively and optimally. Just like when we want to buy a house, it would be much better if we know what kind of house we want, what is the price of the house?

Thus, we know how much funding we need and can plan our finances to achieve those needs. How to Calculate Life Insurance Sum Insured To calculate life insurance money, you can use 2 ways, ie manual way or by using the application to calculate the sum insured life insurance.

The manual way is to calculate by yourself using a formula or using a calculator, whereas with the application you just need to enter the required data, the application will automatically calculate and give the results of calculations and conclusions you need. I further recommend you to use the application, because now there are enough applications to calculate life insurance money that is free of charge. One of them you can use the app military auto insurance

Some Examples of Case Studies

Here are some examples of case studies where we will analyze and learn to calculate life insurance money.

Case Study 1
Andi is a young man who just pursue his career in the world of information technology. Andi just graduated with cum laude. Andi was the first child of three brothers, and Andi helped his parents to pay for their family's household needs.

military auto insurance Andi is someone who plans his finances. He has a financial goal to buy a house before the age of 30 years. Income per month Rp5 million, personal living expenses is Rp 2 million and the money given to his parents is to pay utility bills amounting to Rp1 million per month. How much life insurance money do you need?

If we analyze and see that Andi just graduated from college, Andi actually can not be said to require life insurance that he bought himself for himself. Because Andi must manage his finances to get emergency funds as well as other funds before buying insurance. But because Andi already has a monthly electrical charge, then there is a need that must be fulfilled in case of risk.

There are 2 risks that we must be aware of that can spend most of our money that is death and critical illness. Therefore, the insurance money that we will count is the sum of life insurance money and critical illness money. You just need to enter the data requested by the application.

The dependents are Andi himself.
Age and become dependent to age is to calculate how long the insurance money that can be used to meet the cost of his life.
The inflation rate is an increase in the cost of living each year. And the estimated return on investment is to estimate the interest earned if the insurance money is saved or invested.

Andi only needs life insurance money of approximately Rp100 million. For other liabilities Andi can take critical illness insurance which amounts to between 2 times or 3 times the sum insured life insurance.

Case Study 2
Budi and Mawar are young couples who just got married, they want to plan insurance so they can have a good financial foundation before they invest and plan their other finances. They plan to buy a car and have a child later on.

Budi's income is Rp9 million and Rose's income is Rp6 million. Budi has a mortgage of Rp5 million. The cost of their lives together is Rp7 million. How much money life insurance that Budi and Roses need? For this case study, both Budi and Mawar should calculate their life insurance money each because they both work.

military auto insurance In the later application, they can include their spouse as the person they bear. Almost the same as the example case of Andi, only Budi and Roses have to calculate their respective parts. When Budi and Mawar have children later on, military auto insurance their life insurance money will change because of the age of the child and the cost of the child's needs will go into their dependents.

#Studi Case 3
Pak Ali is a head of the family who has a wife and 2 children. His son is 12 years old and 7 years old. The cost of living for his family is Rp15 million per month. Pak Ali's wife is only a housewife. Pak Ali has several installments. Car repayments amounting to Rp3 million per and for the house of Rp7 million per. Total monthly expenditure is Rp30 million. Pak Ali wants to provide the best education for his children. How much money life insurance coverage required Pak Ali and family?

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