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get car insurance quotes What is the Indonesian Life Insurance Association (AAJI)? What is its vision and mission in serving the community? This time my finance will discuss the Indonesian Life Insurance Association (AAJI)! Get acquainted with the Indonesian Life Insurance Association (AAJI) Currently insurance has get car insurance quotes grown and provides benefits to its customers in the form of assistance provided during the disaster.

get car insurance quotes There are various types of insurance that can be used to provide a sense of security is higher, call it health insurance, life insurance, vehicle insurance, and much more. If you buy insurance, you have to pay the dues in the prescribed period and you can claim it in the event of a disaster in accordance with the agreement. By following the insurance, you do have to pay dues that amount is not small. But you will feel very helpful when struck unfortunate accident.

Get Acquainted With The Get Car Insurance Quotes

Get Acquainted With The Get Car Insurance Quotes
Get Acquainted With The Get Car Insurance Quotes

What is the Indonesian Life Insurance Association (AAJI)?

get car insurance quotes The Indonesian Life Insurance Association (AAJI) is an independent organization. Before becoming a stand-alone institution, AAJI is under DAI or Indonesian Insurance Board. DAI itself is a container that overshadow all insurance companies that are in Indonesia, ranging from the general type, social, soul and so forth. On January 23, 2002, AAJI disassociated from DAI and became an independent institution during the 10th annual DAI annual congress.

This independent status facilitates AAJI in performing its duties to serve the Indonesian people. This institution will also increase public confidence in life insurance institutions in Indonesia.

The Function of Indonesian Life Insurance Association (AAJI) get car insurance quotes

AAJI is an independent institution that is not within the organization of other organizations. AAJI assumes the supervisory function of the insurance company's performance in order to provide the best service to the society in accordance with the existing standards. The existence of AAJI is nothing but a container for life insurance and reinsurance companies in Indonesia.

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get car insurance quotes This container becomes a channel of good cooperation between one company and the other, so it can improve the performance of life insurance services in Indonesia. With the development of life insurance services industry in Indonesia, it is also expected that the economic sector in Indonesia also increased with the opening of jobs in this industry.

Vision and Mission of Indonesian Life Insurance Association (AAJI)

Certainly as an institution that accommodates all life insurance companies in Indonesia, AAJI has a vision and mission. His vision is to unite the goals of all companies engaged in life insurance in Indonesia. In addition, AAJI also has a vision to support the Business Development Program in order to achieve the development of member associations and businesses. While AAJI's mission to achieve its vision is to seek solutions to various problems in the industry, and encourage the creation of life insurance regulations to be balanced between the interests of the members and the community. AAJI is also committed to supervise the standard of life insurance company services, both the code of ethics and the standard practice.

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AAJI's Role Based on Its Function get car insurance quotes
AAJI's role is to become a venue for insurance companies to accommodate their aspirations. The aspiration is submitted to the government to be followed up, in order to generate mutually beneficial cooperation for the government and the insurer. AAJI is also a communication channel for the government to socialize policies related to life insurance, so it is satisfying for all parties.

In addition, AAJI is also a partner of the Government of Indonesia in conducting coaching on life insurance companies in Indonesia. Another role carried by AAJI is to become a channel of aspiration for the community in improving the professionalism of life insurance companies. Various public complaints against life insurance companies will be accommodated by AAJI. That way, related life insurance companies can improve their services.

Another role of AAJI is as a motivational tool for life insurance companies.

This motivation can lead to healthy competition among insurance companies so as to encourage them to provide professional and satisfactory service. get car insurance quotes
What is the most important role of AAJI do you think? Have you ever given your aspirations to life insurance services to AAJI? Leave your comments below!

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