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The Best Insurance In Indonesia - Best Home Insurance would be an option for people who want to insure their Property and Housing. The people of Indonesia are aware that the home is the best option because it can be made into future investment and made in the case of fire accident and natural disaster.

Benefits Home insurance can be felt by the community, therefore now many people join to become customers of Home Insurance. Insurance companies in Indonesia are growing, but of course we want the best home insurance products can be made in the choice.

Before dropping the option, we should rate the best Home Insurance Company from customer service, claim submission and premium on offer. Gather a lot of home insurance company information before dropping the selection to fit what we want.

Are you looking for the best Home Insurance company? Here we recommend the eight best Home Insurance Companies that can be made reference for you.

3 Best Home Insurance Company in Indonesia

Best Home Insurance Company

1. PT. Mandiri AXA General Insurance

PT. Mandiri AXA General Insurance is an insurance company under PT. Bank Mandiri and AXA Group. AXA Insurance is recommended first to be your choice as the best Home Insurance Company that can be the solution of Protection for Property and your favorite Home. For those of you who have become customers of Bank Mandiri would already know this information, but also AXA Home Insurance can be used open from customers of Bank Mandiri. AXA General Insurance's protection programs include home fires, natural disasters and riots.

2. PT. Allianz Utama Indonesia Insurance

Allianz Insurance Company was founded in Germany in 1890. Allianz is a large bonafit insurance company, operating more than 70 countries and has 83 million customers worldwide. Allianz was present in Indonesia in 1981 under the name of PT. Asuransi Allianz Utama Indonesia, there are 44 link units in various cities in Indonesia with 80 service points and has more than 14,000 agents and about 1,000 solid employees to serve customers.

Allianz is an Insurance Company with experience in its field, Allianz Indonesia provides insurance solutions with products in life insurance, healthcare, employee benefit, pension and saving as well as home insurance.

3. Prudential

Prudential is an Insurance Company that has been nominated as the best insurance company by investor magazine. Prudential also the Bonus Insurance Company has a large asset over 10 trillion. Prudential is the best home insurance company that can be selected, this insurance company offers protection such as home fires, natural disasters, damage, and riots.

This is 3 Best Home Insurance Company in Indonesia.


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