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Have you had a lucrative unitlink home insurance article? Find out the advantages of having unitlink home insurance through the following article. Happy reading! Know Unitlin home insurance article Unitlink home insurance is increasingly popular because the benefits offered are so varied and profitable.

Home Insurance Article

Home Insurance Article

Not only life home insurance article, but there are also additional benefits such as protection for accidents, total disability, permanent disability, sickness, and so forth. In addition, unitlink home insurance also offers investment benefits, where the cash value of collected customers will be invested in units in an investment instrument. Nevertheless, there are still many confusions of public understanding about unitlink home insurance. Not infrequently revealed that the investment value of unitlink home insurance is not as much as they want.

This is due to lack of understanding and understanding of the customers or users of unitlink home insurance. Let's check out the following discussion on the advantages, disadvantages and workings of following unitlink home insurance Unitlin home insurance Advantage Here are the various advantages and benefits that we will get if we buy unitlink home insurance products.

# 1 Longer Protection Period
# 2 Got Investment Benefits
# 3 The Cash Value Will not Be Smashed
# 4 There are Additional home insurance Benefits

Weakness Unitlink home insurance article

When getting a product offer, it's good to recognize not only the benefits or benefits, but also the disadvantages of the products we buy, including unitlink home insurance products. Here are the disadvantages of unitlink home insurance:

# 1 Monthly Premium Expenses More Expensive
# 2 The Advantage of Investing is Not Great

Questions About Unitlink home insurance article

After reading the review about the advantages and disadvantages of home insurance unitlink above, of course you have many questions in your mind. The following questions are commonly asked by potential clients or potential buyers of unitlink home insurance products.

# 1 How to Claim home insurance? Is Easy Claim Procedure?
home insurance claims always relate to the benefits taken and claim procedures of each home insurance company. An home insurance policy is a legal contract that is an agreement between the customer and the home insurance company. home insurance companies are required to pay claims if claims are filed in accordance with the agreements contained in the contract. As long as your policy is active, there is no data counterfeiting at the time of submission and all documents required for the claim are met, your claim will certainly be liquid on time.

# 2 How Much of the Premiums Should Be Paid Periodically?
Often unitlink home insurance article agents explain that home insurance premiums only need to be paid over the next 10 years periodically. After that, clients do not have to pay monthly home insurance premiums because unitlink investment results will pay your premium costs for a lifetime. However, there is actually no clear benchmark for this because investment returns are unpredictable. If referring to an home insurance company, then they will stipulate that the premiums should be paid continuously as long as your unitlink policy is active.

All you have to know is that as long as we use home insurance article, there must be fees to be paid. As long as the customer's cash advance value is sufficient to pay its costs, the home insurance benefits will continue. But if the customer's cash value is not sufficient anymore, then there should be funds added to the cash value or to the unitlink so that home insurance benefits can still run. It is strongly recommended that customers always pay continuously the cost of home insurance premiums according to the company's requirements. If the customer requires funds, then the cash value that has been collected in unitlink customers can be taken at any time.

# 3 Is Investing in home insurance article Unitlink Guaranteed Development?
In the world of investments, investors generally understand that there is no guarantee of certainty about the return on their investment. Why is that? Because all investments have their own risks. Therefore, the projected development of investment returns in unitlink is not guaranteed to be in accordance with the numbers listed on paper.

If anyone says that investing in unitlink is guaranteed, it can be ascertained that the person is not fully aware of the unitlink life home insurance product being offered.

# 4 What Is The Charges To Be Paid?
Acquisition costs, usually within the first 5 years.
home insurance costs (Cost of home insurance article and Cost of Riders), paid monthly as long as the customer has an home insurance policy.
Administrative costs, which are fixed every month.
Investment costs, usually 5% of the funds invested.
Investment management fee, which is used as a fee for the Investment Manager.
Unit transfer costs, if the customer diverts the unit or funds to other investment funds.

# 5 Is Cash Value Can Be Taken Occasionally?
The cash value formed within the unitlink can be retrieved at any time as needed. But there is always a minimum value that should be available within the unitlink itself. Usually the amount is different for each home insurance article company, depending on the company policy.

Keep in mind that cash value is a fund that must be in place when regular premiums are insufficient to pay for the costs. If the cash value is not available, the policy will be non-active (lapse) by itself until you add funds in the cash value of the policy.

# 6 What If the home insurance Company Is Bankrupt?
home insurance companies are rarely bankrupt. Why is that?

If an home insurance company is experiencing financial hardships leading to bankruptcy, it will usually be acquired (bought) by a larger home insurance company. So, what happens to our home insurance policy? Is our cash value still recognized?

Do not worry, all home insurance policies will be borne by the new company and the benefits of customer coverage will not change. If there is a change, then the home insurance company must inform the customer by contacting directly or providing a certificate to the customer so that customers can take a decision on the home insurance policy they have. For you unitlink home insurance holders, you need to know that all the cash values ??that are formed in the old company no longer exists, so you need to start investing again from scratch in the new company.

# 7 If Customer Can not Pay Premium for Specific Period, What Happens on Unitlink home insurance Policy?
In unitlink home insurance, all customers are entitled to a premium leave. This facility can be provided usually after a few initial years, in which the customer already has a cash value formed in the policy. Premium leave means customers do not have to pay the monthly premium they should pay. home insurance companies will still deduct the existing costs from their cash value.

Therefore, the cash value that is formed will continue to decrease during the premium leave. If the cash value is still sufficient in the period of premium leave, customers are still entitled to enjoy the benefits of existing protection. But if the cash value is not sufficient, then the policy will be non-active (lapse) by itself, until the customer concerned adds enough funds to pay the premium fee.

# 8 Why Relative Unitlink home insurance article Premiums More Expensive than Traditional / Traditional home insurance?
The monthly premium price of unitlink home insurance is relatively more expensive for several reasons. Traditional home insurance is relatively cheaper because customers only pay the home insurance fee. While in unitlink home insurance, customers pay more so there are other benefits such as cash value that will be able to pay home insurance costs that have increased.

Unitlink unit monthly premiums will not increase until at any time as long as you do not make any benefit changes, even though the cost of home insurance article costs increases. Another reason is because unitlink home insurance has many facilities. The unitlink protection facility will never be reviewed even if the customer's health condition is deteriorating or unhealthy. As for the traditional policy, every year the customer's health condition should be reviewed so that the customer can not take the home insurance again.

In addition, in unitlink home insurance, there is a cash value facility and investment that causes the premium price is relatively more expensive than ordinary home insurance. Suggestions For Prospective Unitlink home insurance Buyers For those of you newbies who are hearing about unitlink home insurance and are interested in buying home insurance products, consider some of the suggestions below for further consideration.

Determine your financial goals first before buying home insurance article so you have good motivation to be covered by home insurance.
Buy unitlink home insurance based on your need for protection, not your need for investment returns.
Learn the bidding proposal first before you buy, do not just rely on the agent.
Ask first for some agents or friends as enter before buying, do not just accept the opinion of one agent.
Use the auto-debit system to pay premiums every month so you do not forget to pay that can result in a policy
Ask for more details about claims and services after you become a customer so you are not entirely dependent on your agent, because not necessarily your agent will always be there for you.
Be careful of the promises made by the sales rep, because they may be done because they want you to buy the product, not because it's written on the contract.
Please provide accurate data about your current state of affairs when filling out the submission form and make sure that your Agent fills in the accurate data on the form. Accurate and honest data will simplify the claim process.
Read the summary of contracts or home insurance article policies. All applicable contracts are contracts written in the policy, not on what your agent says.
Invest in different instruments, do not put all your savings in unitlink.

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